About us

We bring light into the dark and share the magic with you.

We invite you and guide you through the journey

We tell stories and you create your own.

We create magic, light, and unique experiences.

We love what we do because YOU matter to us.

We create light festivals – because YOUR experiences are important to us.

We are Lumagica!

At LUMAGICA light parks, the magic of true light experiences meets the mystique of unusual places. Each of the two components – light and place – would, in itself, be sufficient to conjure up extraordinary feelings in us. But when the magic of sparkling light, present in the light objects and products by MK Illumination, unfolds and local authenticity per se reveals an atmospheric ambience, the resulting experience is inevitably impressive.

Thus, a rather unnoticed dormant dump turns into a dream of amazement and fascination arising from its elevated site. A palace garden invites you to stroll through its sparkling tree-lined landscape amidst its magical dwellers. And the English garden of a stately home is transformed into a playground for mythical characters and creatures, bathed in light.

Each of these places enchants its visitors and guests, makes us reconnect with our childhood dreams and see them in our little ones. Fascination brings families together, lovers find occasions and cosy little spots to renew their oath of love, and strollers are filled with joyful moments of surprise.

Making these places accessible to you and giving you both, small and big moments of happiness is our mission. Our experience in staging public spaces all over the world allows us to do so. Come and have a look for yourself:


LUMAGICA Innsbruck

Hofgarten, Austria


LUMAGICA Düsseldorf

Schloss Benrath, Germany

LUMAGICA Hattingen

Henrichshütte, Germany

LUMAGICA Haldenzauber

Hückelhoven, Germany


Rasselstein-Gelände, Germany


Freilichtmuseum, Germany


IGA Gelände, Germany

And many more locations in